R. Dunham (UK) Limited

R Dunham (UK) Limited was established in 1966 as a sole trading company and became a limited company in 2002. The turnover for 2009 was £8.2m. We are an electrical contracting company working in both the public and private sector. The services range from day to day maintenance call out to major installation in schools and public building. Employing locally over 90 people directly and up to 120 indirectly. The importance of accurate financial record is paramount to continued success. It has been necessary to improve, renew and change systems and procedures, not only to improve efficiency and quality of works but to comply with the ever changing statutory requirements.
Mc Millan Rose & Co has acted as the company auditors for several years and their help and advice has been invaluable. The audits have been carried out quickly and efficiently without disrupting the office function. They have also been able to offer advice on a range of matters from tax to restructuring. It has been important to the company for its officer to feel they can ask advice from the auditors and McMillan Rose have always been able and willing to spend time helping the company to move forward.
In the past year it has been especially important to manage the financial affairs prudently and important decisions were made that materially affected the company. McMillan Rose was able to clarify the pros and cons on a number of the changes under consideration. Their advice enabled the company to make the decisions with a clearer understanding of what those changes would entail and the probable result.
McMillan Rose & Co has a professional approach and realistic pricing structure and we have no hesitation recommending them to other companies.
Yours faithfully
Mark Dunham